Portfolio Companies

The intelligence of water

AINWATER delivers up to 30% in energy costs savings, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. With a dashboard, tailored to the needs of the client, control and optimize the water treatment plant, easing up on the operation. App delivers predictive alerts and recommendations for key control parameters, such as IVL, F/M, sludge age and WAS-RAS rates, etc.

Keep it simple and take control of your construction 

BUILDPEER is the platform where the construction team comes together to collaborate and share information in real-time

Long-term guaranteed rental on auto-pilot

DORA evaluates, collects, and guarantees rental payments, enabling real estate agencies and tenants to close more rentals with less effort, while solving the biggest problem for property owners: guaranteed rental payments.

Artificial intelligence at the service of your wind operation

ECOMETRIC allows for the early detection of mechanical failures and the effects of noise and flickering shadow in nearby communities.
Our AeroInsight artificial intelligence module works as a technician specializing in mechanical failures, detecting them early and notifying them in real time.

An Ally To Build Homes

In KOGGI we connect you, we bring you closer and we facilitate the home acquisition process, with the best security standards, with zero complications and zero procedures on our three fronts.

Simplifying trade credit and logistics for construction in LATAM 

MANGXO gives suppliers superpowers to grow their business. Get new customers by allowing supplier credit since day one. Protect each credit sale within seconds. Sexy digital tool fit for everyone. Reduce default risk to 0% with an affordable solution. 

Powerful automations to enable your team to get a whole lot done without actually lifting a finger

The most customizable construction software on the planet. Unlike all the one-size-fits-all construction software solutions out there, ONTRACCR can be uniquely tailored to match your exact needs. No need to fit the software, the software fits you.

The most accurate time clock in construction

Powered by biometrics and AI, SMARTBARREL completely automates time tracking and guarantees 100% accuracy. Forget spreadsheets and clipboards. SmartBarrel gives you a live count of every worker, trade, and job site so you can stay compliant and cover your butt.

So no fraud, bullsh*t, or excuses.

The platform for evaluation, control and documentation of projects using drones and cameras

SPYBEE offers a platform to manage, monitor, and document construction sites using digital twins generated by technologies like drones, 360 cameras, and integrated WhatsApp tools. This solution keeps all stakeholders consistently informed during the construction process, leading to enhanced productivity and improved communication.

Affordable and simple homeownership

TOPERTY strongly believes in the value of homeownership and we think it should be accessible to more people. The vision is to make homeownership affordable and increase financial freedom for Latin Americans by unlocking access to the house of their dreams.

The first 100% virtual concierge for LATAM

VICA seeks to optimize the finances of living communities by reducing common expenses through access automation, thus generating less need for human resources.